As an event designer, it is your job to make the event come to life! Through your event design and decor, your event will truly come alive before your eyes. There are many elements that can make your event truly stunning. At IWED Global, we teach the fundamentals of event design courses. We build our students up to be successful event designers.

When it comes to furniture, there are many options to choose from. There are options that include style, shape and covering your furniture. Covering your furniture can make an event more formal and add variety. When you use covers for your furniture you have the ability to incorporate more detail and color into your design. This simple gesture can alter your event design completely with a simple furniture cover.

Should you always cover your furniture? The answer is no. Not every event will warrant a cover for your furniture. If your event budget is tight, or you are hosting an outdoor event, covering your furniture may not be the best option. These are factors you need to consider when planning an event.

  • What does the client’s budget look like?
  • Where will the event be hosted?
  • What is the overall theme of the event you’re designing?
  • Does the event need a pop of color or detail?

Covering your furniture is an elegant, clean touch to any event design. Keep in mind those questions before you decide to cover your furniture. Communicate with your client whether or not this is in their needs and design plan.

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