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Elevate your event design skills by joining the AED program LIVE! Experience real-time interaction, gain deeper insights, and connect with peers after completing your online course. Join now and bring your design dreams to life!
IWED's industry leading hands-on curriculum is available in a city near you or from the comfort of home. Enroll now in a city near your or virtually.


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IWED is LIVE Near You

Our team of instructors are travelling all over North America to bring you the best education in the industry and to help you build on the success you have gained through our online classes. We are looking forward to seeing you in one of the many cities we will be visiting this year.
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Meet our Instructors

IWED Global instructors stand out for their extensive industry knowledge, unmatched expertise, and a passionate commitment to student success. Their dedication to sharing insights and fostering skills ensures that every student is empowered to achieve their full potential in event design.
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Lucy Molina

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Nawal Smidi

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James Lester

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between In-Person and Virtual?

Attending IWED's Advanced Draping Class in-person offers hands-on practice, immediate expert feedback, and networking opportunities. Virtually, it provides flexible learning with interactivity, digital resources for technique mastery, and online support. Both formats deliver comprehensive draping education, catering to different learning preferences and lifestyles.

What will I learn in Advanced Luxury Draping?

In IWED Global's Advanced Draping Course, you'll master the art of transforming event spaces into luxurious experiences. Learn sophisticated draping techniques for luxury events, including hardware basics, fabric selection and care, and intricate designs like swags, pleats, and layering. Gain hands-on experience with practical sessions and project-based learning, elevating your event design to an art form and preparing you for professional success.

What if I need help selecting the right course for me?

IWED's expert helpers are available to consult with you and to help you find the perfect course for you, whether it's at one of the select cities near you, or virtually online, or event at IWED's head office in Deerfield Beach Florida.